Best Rhythmic Gymnasts of All Time (Part II)

These rhythmic gymnasts are impressive gold medal winners.

Tamara Yerofieieva    
Retired in 2004
She was supposed to join Cirque De Soleil in 2005.
at the 2000 Sydney Olympics ranked 6th in the All-Around 

Yevgeniya Kanayeva
During her career, she won 39 medals: 2 silver, 37 gold.
Her medals were 18 World Championships medals, 13 European Championships Medals, 4 World Games Medals, three World Cup medals, and an Olympic Medal.

Oxana Kostina
Even though her career was short, she had the chance to be crowned as the New RG Queen of her time. She garnered popularity with her amazing results at the 1992 European Championships.
During her career, she earned 14 medals: 6 European Championships and 8 World Championships medals.

Yulia Barsukova
She is the oldest Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics at 21 years old.
She participated in the Russian television, “Star on Ice”
She earned 3 World Championships medals and 8 European Championships Medals and a gold Olympic medal.

Ekaterina Serebrianskaya
She is the 1st female rhythmic gymnast to hold the World, European and Olympic all-around titles at the same time.
She won an incredible 43 medals: 24 European Championships medals, a gold Olympic medal, and 18 World Championships medals.

Elena Vitrichenko
Even though her career was tarnished by unfavorable favoritisms, she earned 49 medals: 25 European Championships Medals, a bronze Olympic medal, and 23 World Championships medals. 

Olexandra Tymoshenko
Unified Team
At 20 years old, she retired in 1992
Olexandra was the USSR All-Around Champion. She began rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 8, and it concluded in her twenties. She won 41 medals: 12 medals for World Championships, 27 for the European Championships, a medal for every Olympic Games and as a competitor for the Soviet Union. 

Best Rhythmic Gymnasts of All Time (Part I)

These gymnasts have more than one talent and they showcase it well.

Rhythmic gymnastics is another subdivision of gymnastics. It entails the use of equipment to do a routine. Generally, the equipment used by a lot of rhythmic gymnasts is ribbons, balls, ropes, and hoops. Unlike the other fields of gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics use the props alongside their routine, not performing on the equipment itself.

All of these wouldn’t be if it weren’t for the artistic, bright ideas of the Trios of rhythmic gymnastics. They are Rudolf Bode, Jean-Georges Noverre, and Francois Delsarte. All of them had one thing in common: they believed in movement expression, wherein one dance to express him or herself.

Holistic Elegance

The elegance conveyed by the impressive and expressive movements of rhythmic gymnastics can’t be matched by any sport. It’s credited to the performer’s continuous practicing to become the essence of sophistication.

Here are the Best Rhythmic Gymnasts of All Time

Anna Bessonova

2003 Triple European Champion — Hoops, Clubs, and Ribbon Events
She won 60 medals all in all
10 World Cup medals, 24 World Championship medals, 24 European Championship medals, and 2 Olympic medals  

2005 6-time Silver Medalist World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships
World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship in Patras-2007 All-around Gold Medalist 

2003 Twice World Champion in Hoop and Clubs Event Final

Irina Tchachina
Retired in 2006
2001 in the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships held in Madrid, Spain- Won the Individual All-Around Medal
She earned 27 Medals: An Olympic Medal, nine World Championships medals, 11 European Championships Medals, four World Games Medals, and two World Cup medals.


Alina Kabaeva
Russian Honored Master of Sports
Retired in 2007
During her 11-year career, she won 30 Gold Medals from each competition she had entered.
She earned 43 Medals: two World Cup medals, two Olympic Medals, 14 World Championships medals, 21 European Championships Medals, and 6 World Games Medals. 

What it Takes to be a Synchronized Swimmer

Synchronized swimming takes quite a bit of effort.

Think synchronized swimming is a bit of a laugh? Think again. As many folks discover, synchronized swimmers are some of the finest and fittest athletes on earth. Ready to find out more about this sport? Get ready to learn everything you need to know about synchronized swimming.

Before you even think about doing complex movements, there is plenty of work to be done. If you are not cool with swimming in deep water, take some swimming lessons. You do not want to be upside down and hitting your head in the shallow end, that’s why a deep pool is crucial.

Being relatively fit is also a good thing. Try jogging around the block a few times a week or working out on a treadmill is excellent. You don’t have to have a bodybuilder physique, but in shape enough, so you aren’t weary after 10 minutes.

What is Required of You

Do you have good core strength? Movements upside down necessitate an incredible amount of effort from your core. Crunches are solid exercises to do.

Are your arms strapping enough to endure endless use? If not, using light (ten pounds are good) weights is a great way to increase arm strength.

Flexibility is vital to synchronized swimming. You want to not get injured as much as possible. Stretches like straddle, lunges, pigeon, butterfly, pike position are the most significant. Synchronized swimmers frequently test their flexibility by using splits (left, right, and middle). Try doing them, but don’t force yourself to go flat. It requires years to get that type of flexibility. Also, stretch your arms too.

It is now time to begin swimming. The best way to give you a solid introduction to synchronized swimming is, to begin with, a qualified coach. Check with your area’s local synchro organization. Usually, they will point you to a coach or club. 



Why More People are Getting into Archery

Archery is increasing in popularity.

The admiration of The Hunger Games series is increasing interest in the sport of archery, especially among girls. Some sporting equipment outfitters say they’ve seen a huge boost in bow and arrow sales since the film series began in 2012.

Following in the paths of Hunger Games heroine Katniss Everdeen, who’s highly talented with a bow and arrow, is one reason many girls are learning archery now. 

Many in the archery industry are ready to capitalize on the rising interest in the sport. But the governing body for the Olympic sport says the growth following The Hunger Games original movie in 2012 caught a lot of people by surprise.

Over the years, overall membership in USA Archery has more than tripled. However, USA Archery officials state there’s plenty of room for more growth. In recent years, the Archery Trade Association held an ad campaign urging kids and teens to give the sport a try.

The message and the imagery, it’s all a real new look for archery. The powers that be are all collectively behind it. It sorta likes their personal ‘Got Milk?’ campaign, so to say, for the sport.

USA Archery is expanding efforts to train and certify more instructors to satisfy the growing demand.

A sudden surge in popularity 

Stating archery had an increase of interest in 2012 would be putting it mildly. In 2012 archery was pushed into the spotlight and quickly it had become a hot “new” sport for various types of people of any age. No longer was the sport just for bowhunters who were men as many folks had obviously imagined it was supposed to be. Now any human being of any age, female or male, were now running to the closest bow shop to buy a bow of their own.


Best Women Weightlifters in the World (Part III)

They have proved that weightlifting is not just for men.

While this is one of the toughest and demanding sports in the history of the industry, it is also very well-liked among the common folks. These females with their intense strength and mental fortitude have proved weightlifting is not just the men’s domain and have highly contributed to this remarkable sport.

Zulfiya Chinshanlo

On the list of the best female weightlifters in the world, there is Zulfiya Chinshanlo from Kazakhstan. She now participates in both the 58 kg and 53 kg category. While she may be infamous because her name was dragged in the fight between Kazakhstan and Chinese government as to which country she belonged, she is a capable weightlifter who has won an Olympic gold medal, three World Championships and was runner up at two Asian Games and also the Youth Olympic Games.

Cao Li

On the best list, there is Cao Li from China contending in 75 kg and 69 kg category. One of the Chinese best when it comes to weightlifting, Cao has earned an Olympic gold medal, an Asian Games, two World Championships and two East Asian Games. She is a talented and amazing person as well as an incredible sportswoman. Besides her reputation as one of the greatest weightlifters, she also made her stand as one of the most successful Olympic Athletes of all time.

Nurcan Taylan

On the list of the top female weightlifters in the world, there is Nurcan Taylan. Initially from Turkey, she participates in 53 kg and 48 kg category. Born into an underprivileged family, Nurcan went onto writing her own history when she became the 1st female athlete of Turkey to win an Olympic gold medal. Also, she has won a World Championship, 6 European Championship, and 2 Mediterranean games and holds one World Record, 6 European Records, as well as tying tied two others.

Best Women Weightlifters in the World (Part II)

These women have some truly impressive skills.

Jang Mi-ran

On the list of top female weightlifters in the world, there is Jang Mi-ran. Coming from South Korea, she now participates in the 75 kg category. She is one of the top weightlifters to have come from Korea who has won two Olympic medals (1 gold and 1 silver), four World Weightlifting Championships and won one Asian Games while ending up being the runner-up in two others. In 2010, she had a grand slam of winning Olympic Gold, Asian Games, and World Championship.

Wang Mingjuan

One of the best female weightlifters on earth, Wang Mingjuan, already put a mark on her place among the best three of all time. Hailing from China, she competes in the 48 kg category. She is one of the top female weightlifters in her category having won 2 Asian Games, an Olympic gold medal, and 4 World Weightlifting Championships in the 48 kg group.

Liu Chunhong

On the list of best female weightlifters in the sport, there is Liu Chunhong. Representing China, Chunhong competes in 75 kg and 69 kg categories. She has won two Asian Games, Olympic gold, and world championships. Additionally, she has set world records numerous times during the course of her career.

Chen Yanqing

One of the top female athletes, Chen Yanqing very much deserves her spot as the best female weightlifter in the industry. Hailing from China, she competes in 58 kg category. In 2008, she was the first woman to defend her Olympic title along with Liu Chunhong. Yanqing has earned two Olympic gold, two Asian Games and a World Championship. Also, in 2006, she set the world record for her weight class in snatch and lift. When it comes to weightlifting, there is no one who does it better than Chen.


Best Women Weightlifters in the World (Part I)

These women have strength, courage, and a unique ability. 

Weightlifting is an athletic discipline in which athletes attempt to lift the most weight possible. While most other sports test the strength and stamina of a player, weightlifting tests the limits of the incredible power of the human mind and body. 

There was a period when it used to be a male-dominated sport. Now, it is performed even by females. This article talks about the top female weightlifters in the world. Let’s speak on these brave, amazing, courageous, and strong women.

Tang Gonghong

On the list of top female weightlifters in the world, there is Tang Gonghong. Coming from China, she now participates in the 75 kg category. She is one of China’s most thriving weightlifters of all-time winning one Asian Games, Olympic gold medal, and two World Championships.

Maiya Maneza

On the list of top female weightlifters in the world, there is Maiya Maneza from Kazakhstan. She now competes in the 63 kg category. Similar to her fellow competitor Svetlana Podobedova, she was likewise the subject of a fight between Kazakh and China following her Olympic win when China objected that she is a Chinese citizen. Besides from that controversy, she has had a stellar and incredible career winning one Asian Games, one Olympic gold, and two World Weightlifting Championships.

Svetlana Podobedova

Also, on the list of the top female weightlifters in the industry, there has to be a place made for Svetlana Podobedova. She comes from Kazakhstan and she today contends in the 75 kg category. At the age of 31, she is one of the most well-known names in weightlifting right now and has already earned an Asian Games, Olympic gold medal, two World Championships, and two European Championships. Sadly, she tested positive for a banned substance in a 2012 sample testing that was retested in 2016. She was eventually stripped of her 2012 Olympic gold medal.

Best Exercises for Seniors (Part III)

Walking positively impacts your health.


Even if you can’t find a way to do a structured workout, you likely have time to put one foot in front of the other to get you where you want to go. It is recommended most folks do 10,000 steps a day, even on days they don’t exercise. The research found that people who heightened their activity levels up to 10,000 steps per day were 47% less likely to die in the following 10 years contrasted to those who remained sedentary.

For some seniors with a chronic condition, 10,000 might not be the correct number. But the fact remains: Walking is a free, great workout that can have a huge impact on your health.


Another low-impact way of exercising, cycling is perfect for those who want to heighten their leg strength but can’t participate in other high-impact sports due to joint issues. Research shows that cycling also helps enhance cardiovascular health, metabolic health, and cognitive performance in adults over 70.

If you have cycling trails close to your home, consider doing regular bike rides with family or friends. Indoor cycling is another good option for those without access to trails or when the weather is bad. Also, with a stationary bike, you don’t have to worry about falling or needing to wear safety gear.

Strength and Aerobic Classes

If you attend a SilverSneakers class, you already understand that group exercise isn’t just a great way to break a sweat. You’ll also have lots of fun and find new friends along the way, both of which are really important when it comes to regular exercise. In fact, studies note that the social aspect of group exercise raises activity levels in older adults over the long run.

There is no end to the different group exercises out there, from boot camp to Zumba. 


Best Exercises for Seniors (Part II)

Yoga has many benefits for the body, soul, and mind.


With a holistic approach to fitness, yoga aids in building muscle strength, aerobic fitness, core stability, and total-body mobility. Studies show these are all vital for seniors.  

And though yoga is gentle and low-impact on your body’s joints, it’s still weight-bearing, signifying that you have to support your body’s weight with each posture. That’s crucial to strengthening not just your muscles, but your bones too.


Similar to yoga, Pilates is recognized for being a low-impact strength program. However, its focus on core stability makes it excellent for older adults. One study in the European Review of Aging and Physical Activity concluded that Pilates participation enhances balance in older adults.

Many gyms provide Pilates classes designed for first-timers, which is particularly important for those interested in classes that depend on the “reformer,” an exercise machine that uses bars, springs, and straps for resistance.

Bodyweight Training

One out of every three seniors experiences serious muscle loss. In the meantime, when it comes to combating age-related abdominal fat, key for overall health, studies show that strength training is more time-effective than cardiovascular exercise.

Luckily, you don’t have to bench press a lot of weight to keep your muscles healthy and stop fat gain throughout the years. In fact, for many older adults, it’s way safer to begin small. Easy bodyweight exercises like wall pushups, chair squats, single-leg stands, and stair climbing will do a good job of keeping your body strong and able to manage everyday activities.

Resistance Band Workouts

Your gym undoubtedly has an assortment of resistance bands ready for use, but these beginner-friendly, affordable exercise tools are great for at-home workouts too.

Also, bands can aid you to challenge your muscles in ways you may not be able to with equipment-free training. For example, when it comes to strengthening your back and bettering your posture, rows and other pulling motions are crucial. But, it’s difficult to do if you don’t have any exercise equipment around.

Best Exercises for Seniors (Part I)


Stay strong, be safe, and keep your independence by putting these top fitness selections into your training plan.

Regardless of your age, the best exercise for you is the one you like the most. After all, if you don’t enjoy your workout, how long are you going to keep doing it?

Still, when trying any of the many forms of exercise out there, it’s crucial to bear in mind what you want and need to get out of your workout. And that most likely will alter over the years. For seniors, the main priority has to be sustaining your quality of life.

For this to happen, focus on workouts crafted to help you remain mobile, build strength, and improve balance. Additionally, the key is considering the requirements of any given fitness option. Are your bones durable enough for high-impact exercises like running and jumping? Is your balance where it’s supposed to be for fall-free bike rides? How much time to do you truly have to go to the gym?

This article has some of the best exercises for older adults. As always, be sure to check with your physician before starting a new fitness program, particularly if you have injuries, a chronic condition, or balance issues. The good news: Assuming your doctor hasn’t said a method of exercise is off-limits, pick which one you like. All of them are fabulous.

Swimming is an excellent exercise for seniors.


There’s a reason swimming is known as the world’s perfect exercise. Regardless if you’re doing the breaststroke, taking a water aerobics class, or playing Marco Polo with the grandchildren, getting in the pool is a good way to develop your cardiovascular fitness while at the same time strengthening your muscles.

It does all this while using little stress on your bones and joints, which is a huge plus for men and women who have osteoporosis or arthritis. As if that isn’t plenty enough reason to jump in a pool, research suggests that swimming can help seniors keep their minds as sharp as their bodies.