Baseball and Softball are Coming Back to the 2020 Olympics

Softball and baseball is making a comeback at the 2020 Olympics. For those who think that baseball is the finest sport in the world, this is incredible. More baseball!

Why ruin Monday nights on football all winter when there’s perfectly energizing Venezuelan Winter League action just waiting for everyone? And how dare you every four years have an international sportsball competition without the greatest one of them of all? Absolutely, baseball should be part of the Olympics.

The truth is there are plenty of folks that are suckers for the Olympics. For sports enthusiasts, the point is to watch sports you don’t care about 47 months out of 48. It’s doable to watch 17 hours of handball highlights on YouTube whenever you desire. Of course, you probably won’t do it. But put a five-ring watermark on the bottom of your TV screen and you would without a doubt.

However, baseball is a sport that some of us watch for thousands of hours each year. There’s no feeling of something fairly exotic. That’s not to say that you’re getting a second-rate version of the same game we’re all acquainted with. This isn’t Team Venezuela going up against Team USA.

Most likely, there will never be a Dream Team in baseball, but Olympic baseball will be programmed against other Olympic sports and MLB which folks really care about. That’s a harsh blow for any Olympic event wanting attention from Americans. The rest of the baseball world cares, okay? Other countries won’t have no issues sending their top, exciting players to the Olympics. The rest of the people on the earth won’t have any problem watching baseball in the Olympics to cheer on their favorite team. In North America, interest might be narrow and that’s putting it mildly.