Best Rhythmic Gymnasts of All Time (Part I)

These gymnasts have more than one talent and they showcase it well.

Rhythmic gymnastics is another subdivision of gymnastics. It entails the use of equipment to do a routine. Generally, the equipment used by a lot of rhythmic gymnasts is ribbons, balls, ropes, and hoops. Unlike the other fields of gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics use the props alongside their routine, not performing on the equipment itself.

All of these wouldn’t be if it weren’t for the artistic, bright ideas of the Trios of rhythmic gymnastics. They are Rudolf Bode, Jean-Georges Noverre, and Francois Delsarte. All of them had one thing in common: they believed in movement expression, wherein one dance to express him or herself.

Holistic Elegance

The elegance conveyed by the impressive and expressive movements of rhythmic gymnastics can’t be matched by any sport. It’s credited to the performer’s continuous practicing to become the essence of sophistication.

Here are the Best Rhythmic Gymnasts of All Time

Anna Bessonova

2003 Triple European Champion — Hoops, Clubs, and Ribbon Events
She won 60 medals all in all
10 World Cup medals, 24 World Championship medals, 24 European Championship medals, and 2 Olympic medals  

2005 6-time Silver Medalist World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships
World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship in Patras-2007 All-around Gold Medalist 

2003 Twice World Champion in Hoop and Clubs Event Final

Irina Tchachina
Retired in 2006
2001 in the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships held in Madrid, Spain- Won the Individual All-Around Medal
She earned 27 Medals: An Olympic Medal, nine World Championships medals, 11 European Championships Medals, four World Games Medals, and two World Cup medals.


Alina Kabaeva
Russian Honored Master of Sports
Retired in 2007
During her 11-year career, she won 30 Gold Medals from each competition she had entered.
She earned 43 Medals: two World Cup medals, two Olympic Medals, 14 World Championships medals, 21 European Championships Medals, and 6 World Games Medals.