Best Women Weightlifters in the World (Part III)

They have proved that weightlifting is not just for men.

While this is one of the toughest and demanding sports in the history of the industry, it is also very well-liked among the common folks. These females with their intense strength and mental fortitude have proved weightlifting is not just the men’s domain and have highly contributed to this remarkable sport.

Zulfiya Chinshanlo

On the list of the best female weightlifters in the world, there is Zulfiya Chinshanlo from Kazakhstan. She now participates in both the 58 kg and 53 kg category. While she may be infamous because her name was dragged in the fight between Kazakhstan and Chinese government as to which country she belonged, she is a capable weightlifter who has won an Olympic gold medal, three World Championships and was runner up at two Asian Games and also the Youth Olympic Games.

Cao Li

On the best list, there is Cao Li from China contending in 75 kg and 69 kg category. One of the Chinese best when it comes to weightlifting, Cao has earned an Olympic gold medal, an Asian Games, two World Championships and two East Asian Games. She is a talented and amazing person as well as an incredible sportswoman. Besides her reputation as one of the greatest weightlifters, she also made her stand as one of the most successful Olympic Athletes of all time.

Nurcan Taylan

On the list of the top female weightlifters in the world, there is Nurcan Taylan. Initially from Turkey, she participates in 53 kg and 48 kg category. Born into an underprivileged family, Nurcan went onto writing her own history when she became the 1st female athlete of Turkey to win an Olympic gold medal. Also, she has won a World Championship, 6 European Championship, and 2 Mediterranean games and holds one World Record, 6 European Records, as well as tying tied two others.