Should Ballroom Dancing be Considered a Sport?

Is ballroom dancing going to be in the Olympics? A much better question is “how is it going to get there?”

Many professional ballroom dancers would love to compete at the Olympics and have a chance to earn a medal.

While there are those that say that ballroom dancing is an art and should never be part of the Olympics, there are others that the ballroom dancing belongs in the Olympic games.

They argue that that Olympic competition has termed ballroom dancing at the greatest level. On a practical level, bigger public recognition and more major sponsorships necessitates recognition in the Olympics.

Regardless your belief, there has been some advances in the past few years, signaling that ballroom dancing will be a part of the Olympics in the near future.

The Journey

In the late 90s, the World DanceSport Federation was acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee as the organization for ballroom dancing. With this, ballroom dancing bccame eligible for the Olympics.

It was during this time that the name DanceSport was created. It is to describe competitive ballroom dancing and the “sport” in the name connotates the alignment of ballroom dance to sports games.

DanceSport premiered on the program of the In the Asian Games of 2010, DanceSport was included on the program.

This is critical since these games are convened with the support of the Olympic Council of Asia.

Another crucial point is that ballroom dancing is easy to be held in several venues.

One of the reasons that softball and baseball were omitted after the 2008 Olympics is that some host cities had a hard time locating suitable venues within a satisfactory distance from other venues.

Regardless which country and which city is hosting the Olympics, locating suitable venues for ballroom dancing will definitely not be a problem.

Athletes to Watch in the 2018 Olympics

A few are stars already. Some are up and coming stars.

All want to make their mark when everyone on earth tunes in to the Winter Olympics 2018. The Winter Olympics will be held in PyeongChang, South Korea in February 2018.

Here’s some folks to keep an eye on:

Jamie Anderson (Snowboarder)

Jamie Anderson made her mark in her 1st Olympics in 2014. She won a gold medal in slopestyle snowboarding. And she has kept going ever since, winning gold or silver at the Winter X Games three years in a row (’15, ’16, ’17). Anderson, who is one of eight children, has said the greatest advice she’s gotten is “discover something you’re eager about and really go after it.”

Shaun White (Snowboarder)

Perhaps the most famous snowboarder on earth, Shaun White didn’t get to the podium in 2014 after back-to-back gold medals in the halfpipe event in 2006 and 2010. “It’s like when you have a bike accident. You have a scar that is a part of you and you learn from it.” At 31, he has some new tricks he has been working on and he is focused and ready to go.

Nathan Chen (Figure Skater)

This will be Nathan Chen first Olympics. The 18-year-old has made history already. In January, he was the 1st male figure skater in history to land 5 quadruple jumps in a single performance. Four weeks later, he did it once more.

Alex and Maia Shibutani (Ice Dancers)

They are referred to as “Shib Sibs.” Sister-and-brother duo Maia and Alex Shibutani are more than a catchy duo. The ice dancers have won two gold medals at two international competitions this season, the same amount they won the season before that, as well as the one before that. They’ve also won 1st place at the national championships in 2016 and 2017.

Sport Gifts for Him

As far as gift ideas for the sports lovers go, there are thousands. Especially when you consider the fact that NFL merchandise sales alone have increased in recent times. It becomes very hard to make a decision if you’re not a sports fanatic yourself. Since sports collectibles are for the die-hard sports junkie, most of the folks you buy gifts for are true fans. There are some things you should think about when searching for that perfect sports gift for him. The first thing you want to think about is who you’re purchasing for.

It is very crucial to consider the personality of the person who will be getting your sports item as a gift. If there’s a special man in your life, let’s think about buying a sports gift for him. Whether purchasing for the professional, the game-attendee, or a student, understanding his lifestyle give you a great advantage in picking the ideal sports gifts for him.

If he has an office, consider business items that are NCAA merchandise. Checkbook covers or business card holders are perfect sports gifts for the businessman. Also, for items that are going to be used in a professional setting, you’ll want to buy sport gifts that possess an executive look. Don’t buy huge items with loud colors, like foam fingers. Let him show his support without embarrassing him. His college is a great sport gift for him to own.

On the other hand, the game-attendee would love nothing more than to have a souvenir from the game. They range in prices from the free cup you get when you purchase your beverage to the expensive sport jerseys. A better idea is to buy tickets as part of the gift and go with them to pick out the sport gift they want. That way, you’re guaranteed a winning gift.

Sports for Toddlers

Even at a young age, kids can already pick the kind of sports they want to be playing. It is vital for children to play sports at younger age, so that they can create an attitude that people who are into sports have. Discipline is one of the most imperative values that kids should be aware of as they get older. There are lots of sports you can pick from to get your children into. If both parents have no time to join their child into sports, there are plenty of programs provided in schools or community centers that offer children proper sports training.

One of the best sports you can present to your children is football or soccer which is perfect for their age, since little ones love to run around. Instead of letting them run around the whole day, give them something to kick, such as a soccer ball and teach them how to do so. Through running, they can exert energy because they love moving and when there is a ball involved, they won’t be bored. Soccer is a simple game for the kids to play because they can learn various skills. They can also construct an attitude which can shape them into better individuals and leaders of the future. Cheerleading, gymnastics, and other sports activities should be considered if you think your child is open to learning it. If your children want to try a different sport, let them. But don’t let them do sports you think are not suited for their age.

There are plenty of sports you can pick from, but make sure that it is right for the ability and the physical characteristics of your child. Allowing your child into sports activities can enhance their personality, especially their social behavior which is critical as they grow older and they have to be around people of various personalities.

To Play or Not To Play

To Play or otherwise To Play

Those people with children involved in youth sporting activities understand how tough it can be for our households. Weekend breaks are controlled by games and weekdays by practice. The ties that bond us together are usually tightened up during these activities, however do our kids do too much? When we were children, there were not as many arranged tasks; now that we have martial arts, spiritual studies, group and individual sporting activities, family time and, homework. Is there a correct time to begin to play? Like many parenting choices, including those for youth sporting activities, there are no black and white answers. Of the lots of variables to consider, this month we’ll focus on the prospective injury risks.

Exactly what is the likelihood of Injury?

An usual worry is that more youthful children could be most at risk to severe injuries prior to they have completely developed. Is there a higher threat of arm damage for youngsters who begin pitching at age of 7 rather than waiting until they are 9? Should youngsters prevent deal with football until the reach a specific age? Does expertise in a specific sporting activity increase the threat of injury for that kid as a result of overuse as well as make them more prone to continuous activity injuries?

Injuries are absolutely a worry for all of us and the threat of injury is thought about an expanding trouble by numerous experts. According to the “Children’ Health” supplement in the October 18-20, 2002 weekend break edition of U.S.A Today, there are over 3.5 million sporting activities associated injuries that call for treatment reported yearly for children under 15 years old. A number of these injuries are from play area equipment, bike riding and various other tasks, however organized sporting activities definitely contribute to the total amount. The good news is, there are very few fatalities, but the info recommends that 40% of all sports related injuries take place in youngsters under 14 years of ages as well as more than half of those injuries occur in practice instead of games. In 2002, from information gathered from the “Connecticut Safe Children Sports/Recreation Task Injury Fact Sheet”.

While this data is definitely deceptive as well as flawed since it doesn’t break down the number of individuals in each sporting activity, the frequency of the activity or the extent of the injury, it does show that injuries are something we must take note of.

Kinds of Injuries

In the newsletter released by the Yale-New Place Children’s Hospital, doctor Deiter Lindskog, MD exclaims that the largest rise in youth sporting activities injuries are because of repeated use. He mentions “Recent research studies estimate that 30 to HALF of pediatric sporting activities injuries are brought on by overuse, with the frequency of injury equivalent among young boys and also girls.” Because they’re still not completely established, children are most vulnerable to repeated use issues like tension cracks, caused by usage without adequate healing time, growth plate injuries, as a result of excess stress, as well as soft cells damages to muscle mass, tendons or ligaments.

This would certainly bring about the inquiry of “how much is excessive? The research on this isn’t clear at all. With boosted field of expertise where children join only one sporting activity year round, begin playing at a younger age and also join several organizations at the same time, what is clear is that many are crossing that unidentified line.

While there is a significant quantity of flexibility in these recommendations, the main concern is that treatment needs to be required to look for indicators of trouble. There is no proof to suggest a greater injury rate for Pee Wee Baseball, which usually begins kids pitching at age 7, when compared to Little League Baseball, which often starts children pitching at age 9.

Research studies made with Pop Detector Football players reveal that there is a danger of injury, yet remarkably, younger players are much less likely to be harmed than older players. Sustained by researches done by the Institute of Sports Medicine as well as Athletic Trauma in New York City which completed a study in 71 towns covering 5,000 players, the Pop Warner Web site ( specifies that due to the weight restrictions “injuries in youth football are normally mild and also older players have a higher injury rate than more youthful players.”


As individuals associated with youth sports we should be aware of safety and security and injury dangers associated with the youngsters we see. Kids specializing in single sports or playing in numerous leagues have actually intensified the danger of repetitive movement “overuse” injuries. We need to be particularly conscious for these young athletes and also be mindful of the warning signs. Some traits to watch for consist of discomfort, changes in stride or some people observable actions, modifications in performance as well as psychological effects. Children ought to not be urged to play with any kind of actual injury because they don’t want to disappoint their moms and dads or teammates even though they may feel like they could do it.

We want to stop injuries via appropriate training and conditioning. An initiative can be made to have youngsters compete at degrees commensurate with their ability so that they don’t exaggerate it. Additionally, efforts need to be made to teach correct principles for all elements of the video game because mechanical errors are very likely to result in defects that can cause injury. It is vital to work with these players even at an early age. As young sporting activities enthusiasts, all of us have a responsibility to take care of the children.

About The Author

Ken Kaiserman is the head of state of, a leading young people sporting activities internet site including games, sports information, sporting activities camp as well as league directories, neighborhood features, hosts Warehouse store with over 150,000 items. Ken coaches youth football, basketball and also baseball. He additionally serves on the local little league board of directors as well as the Park Advisory Board.

Welcome to a VIP Fan Experience!


Sports is an integral part of our life. After a long tiring day at office a good or football or tennis is exactly whats needed to keep ourselves fresh. As a fan when we support our favorite team or favorite sportsperson we get attached to them and become a part of their journey. Here i will like to share about the experience that a VIP fan goes through while supporting his favorite team.


MCCHORD AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. -- 1st Lt. Richard Cullen plays goal keeper with the the Seattle Sounders, a Colorado Springs Premier Development Soccer League. Stationed here as acommunications officer, his assignmeent keeps him hopping at both the wing headquarters and at Seattle Memorial Stadium.
MCCHORD AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. — 1st Lt. Richard Cullen plays goal keeper with the the Seattle Sounders, a Colorado Springs Premier Development Soccer League. Stationed here as communications officer, his assignment keeps him hopping at both the wing headquarters and at Seattle Memorial Stadium.

Depending on where you are from, one may say that Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the world. Almost all the country has their own football team and are desperate to qualify for the world cup. Big clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona have fans in every corner of the world. Now when you start supporting a club you get mentally attached to the club. You think about the club all day and feel like you belong there. Slowly and steadily you became an absolute die hard fan. You became a part of their journey, the ups and downs, supporting the club through thick and thin and when finally after years of struggle when they won the trophy, Ah! that feeling, tears of joy rolling down your cheeks.


Vip fan experience football

American football is hugely popular in the US. it originated here in the US and has lots of fans. It is played in the professional level,college level as well as school level. It is a physical contact game and considered to be extremely risky . The National Football League has the highest attendance of any leagues in the world and the Championship game , The Super Bowl is one of the most watched club sporting events in the world. Every 4 years a World Cup is held. Fans are extremely passionate about this sport.


vip fan experience tennis

Tennis is also a hugely popular game. Tennis is an individual game and big players like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic has huge number of fans. Being an individual sport you feel much more attached to the player. You support him or her through the tough tines and celebrate the success with them. I will like to share about a tennis match I witnessed live. Being a big Federer fan I managed to somehow get tickets to the Wimbledon Final 2008 between Federer and Nadal .At that point of time Federer was by far the best player and was way ahead of the others,only Nadal came close to him. So I was pretty confident at the beginning that Federer will win comfortably. But to everyone’s surprise Nadal won the first Two sets. I was getting nervous at that time because Federer losing like this was something I never expected. However Federer showed why he is the best and won the next two sets.It was time for the final set. I was sure Federer will win because Nadal’s confidence was low. But to everyone’s disbelief Nadal won the final set with sheer passion and determination. Federer was completely broken but still he got up and congratulated Nadal for his success. That moment I realized its not about who wins or not, it’s about the mutual respect.


Michael Jordan at Boston Garden
Michael Jordan at Boston Garden

Basketball is the most popular sport in the US. Every kid in the US gets introduced to basketball at an early age. Basketballs are played both at the school, college and professional level in the US. The famous basketball teams include MIAMI and SAN ANTONIO SPURS. The famous basketball players like Micheal Jordan and Le Bron James have world wide fame. Basketball fans are generally extremely passionate about their favorite teams. I remember seeing a game between SAN ANTONIO SPURS AND MIAMI HEAT.Basketball is a very fast paced and entertaining sport and watching the game live was an amazing experience. I have never seen a crowd so loud. Crowds over there literally dictate the pace of the game and have a large influence in deciding the winner. Apart from the US basketball is also very popular in many countries. NBA is doing a great job at promoting the game and the fan following of the basketball players have been steadily increasing. Players like Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant are now household names all over the world.


Vip fan experience baseball

America’s favorite pastime of old and still a favorite today. Baseball is also a hugely popular game in the US. If you through the streets of US you will find kids playing baseball with their dads or training with their coaches. Apart from the US baseball is also hugely popular in JAPAN and CUBA. Baseball has some legendary teams like the Yankees who have their fans in every part of the world. The Major League Baseball(MLB) is one of the most highly attended leagues in the world and the Championship game, SUPER BOWL, is the most watched event in club level. Watching a MLB game live is an amazing experience especially when the striker hits a Home Run and everyone in the crowd rushes to catch the ball.


Vip fan experience boxing

Boxing is a contact sport where two participants try to knock each other out. In spite of being a very violent sport boxing is hugely popular throughout the world and is also played at the the olympics. The most famous boxers are Sugar Ray, Muhammad Ali and currently Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Recently a fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao became the center of attraction of the entire world and was called as “the fight of the century”.Boxing is also one of the most popular events in the Olympics.It takes a strong heart to become a boxing fan because there is a lot of blood and sometimes there are very serious injuries.


Cricket is a very popular sports especially in the parts of Asia and Australia. The most famous cricket playing nations are INDIA,PAKISTAN,AUSTRALIA,SOUTH AFRICA. The game has three formats, a 20 over game, a 50 over game and a 5 Day test match. Every four years the ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP is played in the 50 over format and gathers huge attention. A game between fierce rivals India and Pakistan gets as much as 1 billion formats as Asia has the most cricket crazy fans. With the introduction of the 20 year game and cricket leagues like INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE(IPL) cricket is gradually becoming more and more popular.


Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) like boxing is also a combat sport. MMA is very popular nowadays because of the efforts of the UFC, Dana White, and fighters like Chuck Lidell, Tito Ortiz. MMA is now practiced in many countries and authorities have been set up who promote the sport like Belgian MMA federation(BMMAF) and The ALL INDIA MIXED MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION(AIMAAA). As a result there are many fans of MMA in this countries.


The NASCAR is a business venture that conducts that conducts multiple auto racing events. It is hugely popular throughout the world,come on, who doesn’t like fast cars? Watching a NASCAR event live at a racing track is an amazing experience of every fan. The sight of fast cars passing by you in the blink of an eye and the loud noise of the engines is enough to get an adrenaline rush.


Field Hockey is not the first game which will come to your mind when we talk about team sports but recently it has become very popular. It is also played in the olympics and has huge fan following in countries like India, Netherlands. The Hockey World Cup is also a well attended sports event.


Ice Hockey may be not as popular as Field Hockey but is very famous in places like Canada and United States. I have attended an ice hockey match and the fan following is pretty good. It is also played in the Winter Olympics. The popularity of ice hockey is likely to increase in the coming years.


Badminton has started gaining popularity in the recent years and more and more people have steadily been attracted towards the game. Due to emergence of famous badminton players like Saina Nehwal in India the sport has become popular in the south east Asia. China has the most number of badminton players and it is the Chinese players that generally dominate the game.


Golf is a hugely popular sport throughout the world especially in the US. Famous golf players like Tiger Woods have world wide fame.Huge number of fans comes to the golf courses to see Tiger Woods play. It is a favorite leisure sport which attracts many people towards it. While on vacation golf is the sport to play.


Bowling has huge number of fans all over the world mainly because it is very easy to play and everyone can have a shot at it. It is the ultimate leisure sport where everyone can go and play and have a good time. Bowling is also good for health because it helps in the flexing and stretching of the arm and shoulder muscles. As many as 1 billion people do bowling throughout the world.


Swimming is a very popular sport. In Olympics swimming is one of the most popular events. There are different types of swimming events like 100m.200m, relay racing,under water racing. Micheal Phelps is one of the most popular swimmers and is famous throughout the world. Swimming is also a favorite leisure activity for many people and is extremely beneficial for health.


Cycling is also a very popular sport and millions of people cycle everyday. However, professional cycling is different. Tour De France is one of the most popular cycling events in the world and is watched by millions of fans worldwide.Lance Armstrong is one of the most famous cyclists. With more and more people taking an interest in cycling, it is expected to be one of the most popular sports in the coming years.


Squash is a kind or racquet sport played by 2 or 4 people. It may not be the most popular sport in the world but has a large fan following in countries like Australia, Germany and England. The World Championship and PSA World Series are most famous squash tournaments held. Recently more and more young people are taking up squash and it is expected to grow in the coming years.]


Table Tennis is one of the most popular indoor sports in the world. It has a huge fan following. It is regularly played at the Olympics. Some of the notable table tennis players include Wang Hao and Ding Ning. China has crazy fan following for table tennis and Chinese players generally dominate this sport.


Polo is a team sport which is played on the horse back and the aim is to score against the opposing team. It is a very difficult sport to play. Polo is played in around 15 or 16 countries. It used to be played at the Olympic level but currently it has been withdrawn. USA has the most fan following of the sport .


Now this is an extremely new sport. Recently it has become hugely popular in the US and throughout the world bacause it is an extremely challenging and thrilling game where the aim is to take down the enemies. This is considered to be the most popular game among the younger generations. And considering the way the popularity is rising it is expected to be among the top sports by 2020.

These are some of the most popular sports which are played throughout the world at this moment. Apart from this there also many other sports which are being played in many countries.