Best Sports for Seniors

There’s nothing like the camaraderie and thrill to be found from playing team sports with people of similar abilities. While everyone’s has different capabilities and fitness levels, the more aggressive team sports we loved as kids pose a higher risk of injury as we age.

People are living for a very long time. They have fulfilled lives by staying active well into their golden years. Playing sports in your senior years improves your overall health and well-being. People who exercise frequently have a lessened chance of diabetes, mental illness, and heart disease. Particular sports are now suitable for older athletes.


A recent study found that swimming up to five times a week, for roughly three to five miles, deferred the effects of aging for many decades. It’s no wonder that 50-year old athletes have gone to the pool for normal exercise. Swimming is an all-around sport that encourages cardiovascular health and muscular elasticity, while reducing stress. Each swimming stroke has its own benefits and every water-based discipline is sure to enhance blood circulation and aerobic activity. Water sports put no strain on your bones and joints, making swimming perfect for seniors who want a good low-impact workout.


Tennis is a sport that anybody can play at any age. The heart advantages of the sport make it perfect for athletes over 50. In fact, reports show that an individual of normal size can burn anywhere up to 600 calories in one match. You’ll use up more calories in three hours of tennis a week than you will playing golf or bowling for three hours. It sustains stamina and coordination via intense interval training. In a tennis match, the body is forced to stop, change, and sprint all through the match. This is why tennis is considered an endurance sport. It’s low-impact and great to get a complete workout.

Serena Rules!

Here are six reasons (weapons!) that make Serena Williams such an amazing player, the total package, and so hard to beat.

Quick Return

She can return serve from well in the baseline due to the fact she reads the serves of her opponents very well and has incredible timing. By returning the ball so swiftly, she offers her opponents no time to prepare.

Playing the Angles

Williams frequently trades in power for smart angles. She will hit a forehand with plenty of topspin that will pull her opponent to the side of the court. This opens the remaining court for her next shot.

Deep and High Defense

Williams outrivals at offense, but also understands how to play defense when she has to. She will throw up a lob so high that she has plenty of time to reorganize and get back in position.

Slice Serve

Her serve is hard to read because her mechanics and toss seem the same each time. Williams can take something off her serve intentionally and slices it away from her opponent for an ace.

Power Serve

Not many women hit first serves harder than Williams. She possesses the most constant hard serve in tennis. She can paint the lines with it at will.

Lefty Forehand

Her two-handed backhand, the best in the history of tennis, depends profoundly on her left arm. She’s so amazing at it that she hits left-handed forehands in practice to enhance her timing.

She’s so damn fabulous. But what is it, precisely, that makes her so good?

Sure, there has been speculation that it’s her serve, stamina, power, and the way she controls a point. There are numerous factors that makes her game so spectacular.

She makes all too many folks uneasy because she is atypical and brilliant.

When the usual order of things is messed up by an athlete as dominant as Serena, the apple starts to shake. Serena has battled through it all with coolness and composure. The fact is she shouldn’t have to.

Tennis Great Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova is an ex-world #1 female tennis player. Born in 1956 in Czechoslovakia, she became an US citizen in 1981. Her stepfather Miroslav Navratil was her 1st tennis coach. Martina won the Czech Republic national tennis championship at 15. At 17, she earned her very first professional singles title when she played the match in Florida. She went pro in 1975.

In 1975’s Grand Slam singles tournaments, she was a finalist in both the Australian Open and French Open, but she lost in both the finals. The same year, she lost in the semi-finals of the US Open. In 1978, Navratilova got her first victory in the Grand Slam singles at Wimbledon and she got the world # 1 ranking after defeating Chris Evert.

Navratilova was a woman of tremendous power because of the way she raised the level of competition. Initially, she was on the heavier side and she had to work hard to get into shape for tennis. In regards to her weight issue, Nancy Lieberman, a basketball player, aided her. She underwent extreme levels of fitness and exercising which eventually got her into shape. She even learned the way to use graphite racquets, which made her one of the most dominant tennis player.

She beat Evert, again, in the 1981 Grand Slam singles of the Australia Open. The next year, she won the French and Wimbledon Open. In 1983, she won 3 out of 4 Grand Slam events. Additionally, she scored the top ever-professional winning percentage of a tennis player. In 1984, she also won the French Open, which she had lost in 1983. This incredible victory was called the Grand Slam by the International Tennis Federation president, Philippe Chatrier. Between 1982-1984, she lost only six of the singles matches. Even today, Navratilova is considered the best in tennis.

Learning How to Play Tennis

Anyone who has thought about tennis training will love to learn that there are plenty of ways to learn how to play the game. Whether it is the tennis court, the video store, or even the classroom, it will prove to be helpful for those desiring to learn how to play the great game of tennis. Prices will differ depending on the type of training that is selected, but can be very affordable. This is quite true of those who opt for learning at home via the use of videos or the internet. A professional tennis trainer, however, will likely be the costly way to learn but will give a hands-on experience that none of the other options can.

If you decide to hire a tennis instructor, you will want to hire someone who has plenty of experience in teaching and playing tennis. During this training, you will start to learn the different swings and the situations each one should be used. In the beginning, tennis can be intimidating due to the physical activity that is involved, as well as the need to have a very quick reaction to each situation. But, after a couple of lessons, you will be more familiar with the game and how to play it. Patience is vital to learning anything new and tennis is no different.

Even prior to employing a tennis instructor, some new tennis players may want to learn some basics of the game before starting the actual lessons. This can be done by either buying books, videos or doing some online research. These methods should give an introduction to the game, the right way to grip and swing the tennis racket, and plenty of other information. With this info, any new tennis player will enter their lessons with confidence and impress their instructor by how much they know.

Tennis, Anyone?

Tennis, Anyone?


For any sort of future athlete that plans to start a new activity, to know a little the record concerning the sporting activity is consistently a great idea.

Plays of sphere could be traced behind for hundreds as well as hundreds of years. Generally bet the amusement or during religious events, the plays of round ended up being in the whole globe strongly popular in numerous civilizations.

European monks probably created the play of tennis. The gamers promptly found that instead of striking the round in addition to walls they had a far better order utilizing their hand. A natural leather glove was created quickly, and also not to desire strongly after, an adjusted manage accomplished the first racquet. While the racquet evolved/moved, thus made the balls which were recruited. A type plus stuffed bouncier of the product of its changed the very first primitive spheres from wood quickly. The play ended up being highly popular amongst abbeys all around Europe throughout the 14th century. At the exact same time, the church considered to ban the play.

In 1874, Walter principal C Wingfield made license in London the tools and also the guidelines for play instead much like modern tennis. By same year, the initial courses appeared in the USA. By the list below year, the tools location had been sold for the usage in Russia, in India, in Canada, and in China.

The play of croquet was currently highly prominent, and also the programs soft of play of croquet showed quickly versatile for tennis. The original court of Wingfield had the form of a sand glass, narrowest with the web, as well as it was shorter compared to the modern court. Its regulations were subjected to substantial criticism, as well as it upgraded soon on the left they in 1875, yet him it later development of the play to others.

In 1877, the whole the club of England held the initial tournament of Wimbledon, and also its board of competition gave a rectangular court and also a whole of guidelines which are mostly the play that we know today. The web was always 5 feet leading on the sides, a transfer of the forefather of interior of the game, as well as the boxes of solution were 26 feet the deep ones, yet away 1882, the attributes had evolved/moved with their current form.

The development of tennis proceeded as well as the champion 1927 saw the very first emission by radio of an occasion of tennis. This increased its appeal further and also in the Thirties the play came to be strongly à.la.mode, performed by British holds the very first duty like Fred Perry and fulfilled steps and also the global champs such as Henri Lacoste. You’ll of the photos which the styles of tennis were rather different in these days! The lengthy trousers were the program for the guys, as well as for women they was long outfits and reduced.

The tendencies of mode became a development in their own line as well as the Austin bunny of the USA shocked group in 1933 when he ended up being the initial gamer to take a step outside over with the shorts of using of court of establishment! The 1930’s ended up being the time of the pole of Wimbledon as well as in 1937, the championship was discharge on the radio for the very first time. It was a substantial occasion, actually offering tennis at the globe.

Throughout the Seventies and the Eighties, the play came to be controlled by the brand-new legion of global players, as well as group ended up being astounded by the tastes of Borg, Connors, and McEnroe.