Best Women Weightlifters in the World (Part III)

They have proved that weightlifting is not just for men.

While this is one of the toughest and demanding sports in the history of the industry, it is also very well-liked among the common folks. These females with their intense strength and mental fortitude have proved weightlifting is not just the men’s domain and have highly contributed to this remarkable sport.

Zulfiya Chinshanlo

On the list of the best female weightlifters in the world, there is Zulfiya Chinshanlo from Kazakhstan. She now participates in both the 58 kg and 53 kg category. While she may be infamous because her name was dragged in the fight between Kazakhstan and Chinese government as to which country she belonged, she is a capable weightlifter who has won an Olympic gold medal, three World Championships and was runner up at two Asian Games and also the Youth Olympic Games.

Cao Li

On the best list, there is Cao Li from China contending in 75 kg and 69 kg category. One of the Chinese best when it comes to weightlifting, Cao has earned an Olympic gold medal, an Asian Games, two World Championships and two East Asian Games. She is a talented and amazing person as well as an incredible sportswoman. Besides her reputation as one of the greatest weightlifters, she also made her stand as one of the most successful Olympic Athletes of all time.

Nurcan Taylan

On the list of the top female weightlifters in the world, there is Nurcan Taylan. Initially from Turkey, she participates in 53 kg and 48 kg category. Born into an underprivileged family, Nurcan went onto writing her own history when she became the 1st female athlete of Turkey to win an Olympic gold medal. Also, she has won a World Championship, 6 European Championship, and 2 Mediterranean games and holds one World Record, 6 European Records, as well as tying tied two others.

Best Women Weightlifters in the World (Part II)

These women have some truly impressive skills.

Jang Mi-ran

On the list of top female weightlifters in the world, there is Jang Mi-ran. Coming from South Korea, she now participates in the 75 kg category. She is one of the top weightlifters to have come from Korea who has won two Olympic medals (1 gold and 1 silver), four World Weightlifting Championships and won one Asian Games while ending up being the runner-up in two others. In 2010, she had a grand slam of winning Olympic Gold, Asian Games, and World Championship.

Wang Mingjuan

One of the best female weightlifters on earth, Wang Mingjuan, already put a mark on her place among the best three of all time. Hailing from China, she competes in the 48 kg category. She is one of the top female weightlifters in her category having won 2 Asian Games, an Olympic gold medal, and 4 World Weightlifting Championships in the 48 kg group.

Liu Chunhong

On the list of best female weightlifters in the sport, there is Liu Chunhong. Representing China, Chunhong competes in 75 kg and 69 kg categories. She has won two Asian Games, Olympic gold, and world championships. Additionally, she has set world records numerous times during the course of her career.

Chen Yanqing

One of the top female athletes, Chen Yanqing very much deserves her spot as the best female weightlifter in the industry. Hailing from China, she competes in 58 kg category. In 2008, she was the first woman to defend her Olympic title along with Liu Chunhong. Yanqing has earned two Olympic gold, two Asian Games and a World Championship. Also, in 2006, she set the world record for her weight class in snatch and lift. When it comes to weightlifting, there is no one who does it better than Chen.


Best Women Weightlifters in the World (Part I)

These women have strength, courage, and a unique ability. 

Weightlifting is an athletic discipline in which athletes attempt to lift the most weight possible. While most other sports test the strength and stamina of a player, weightlifting tests the limits of the incredible power of the human mind and body. 

There was a period when it used to be a male-dominated sport. Now, it is performed even by females. This article talks about the top female weightlifters in the world. Let’s speak on these brave, amazing, courageous, and strong women.

Tang Gonghong

On the list of top female weightlifters in the world, there is Tang Gonghong. Coming from China, she now participates in the 75 kg category. She is one of China’s most thriving weightlifters of all-time winning one Asian Games, Olympic gold medal, and two World Championships.

Maiya Maneza

On the list of top female weightlifters in the world, there is Maiya Maneza from Kazakhstan. She now competes in the 63 kg category. Similar to her fellow competitor Svetlana Podobedova, she was likewise the subject of a fight between Kazakh and China following her Olympic win when China objected that she is a Chinese citizen. Besides from that controversy, she has had a stellar and incredible career winning one Asian Games, one Olympic gold, and two World Weightlifting Championships.

Svetlana Podobedova

Also, on the list of the top female weightlifters in the industry, there has to be a place made for Svetlana Podobedova. She comes from Kazakhstan and she today contends in the 75 kg category. At the age of 31, she is one of the most well-known names in weightlifting right now and has already earned an Asian Games, Olympic gold medal, two World Championships, and two European Championships. Sadly, she tested positive for a banned substance in a 2012 sample testing that was retested in 2016. She was eventually stripped of her 2012 Olympic gold medal.

At What Age Should a Child Start Participating in Sports

The age at which a child should start playing sports is not definite. Having said that, studies have shown that a child is physically and emotionally prepared for organized team play by the age of 7. Before that time, your kid’s attention span and dexterity may not match up well with the skills necessary for sports.

Your child loves kicking a ball around the yard and riding bikes in the driveway. However, that doesn’t mean the kid is ready for sports. Even though organized sports for toddlers are available, a 1st grader is ready to play well with others. By the age of 6 or 7, a child has the notions like passing the ball to a teammate, paying attention to the coach, and paying better attention to the game than waving to the parents.

Kids mature differently, so maybe your kindergarten-age kid is ready for recreational sports. Just be sure that your child has the mental, social, and physical skills necessary to play. A child is more as likely to succeed when he is ready. Ask yourself if your kid has the attention span for a whole soccer or basketball game. Does he like to share? Is he/she physically coordinated? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” then break out your video camera and get ready to watch your child tear it up big time!

Most little ones (toddlers) don’t have the skills like catching or throwing. Getting your kid into T-ball may just frustrate him if he has a hard time understanding the rules of the game or doesn’t have the skills necessary to play. You don’t want to turn your kid off to sports all together with a horrible introduction. This is why backing down from sports until the right age has its benefits and advantages.