G.O.A.T. – Simone Biles: Why She is Like No Other (Part I)

She holds four Olympic gold medals. 

It most likely goes without saying that she is the greatest gymnast of all time. The 22-year-old possesses more titles than there is space to post. If you are keeping count, Biles has in per possession four world all-around titles and four Olympic gold medals. She has earned more world medals (25 to be exact) than anyone in history.

So, as you can tell, she’s very, very good.

And after her amazing performance at the 2019 nationals qualifier, the U.S. Classic, it appears as if 2019 and the time going up to the 2020 Olympics, is beginning to be just like the other winning years that Biles is known to be famous for. Another way to put it is that it will be more of the same.

But what precisely makes Simone Biles so good? Here are a few of the many, many ways she is so amazingly special:

She keeps pushing the boundaries of the sport

Biles is famous for her gravity-defying floor routines. Even though her skills are leaps and bounds ahead of her competition, she still is constantly trying to bring new elements to her already tricky repertoire.

She’s virtually unbeatable

There are winning streaks in sports. Then there is the Simone Biles’ winning streak. She has earned 19 straight all-around titles, going on for six years. In a sport where the normal senior best career usually lasts no more than one Olympic cycle, Biles’ dominance is typically the gymnastics equivalent to what the Chicago Bulls did in the 1990s.  If Michael Jordan hadn’t left the team for a year and a half to play baseball.

And not only does Biles win, win, win, but she also towers above her competition and barely leaves her opponents even a chance to win gold.