Is Poker A Sport?

The meaning of sport is, “an activity involving physical skill and exertion in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” There is a fine line when bearing in mind whether or not something should be deemed a sport or game. Poker falls nicely into that category.


It was created in the early 1800’s and has been increasing ever since. The issue when comparing the definition of sport to poker is there’s no physical activity when playing. Though this may be a deciding factor, it is not that simple. The main argument comes down to whether or not folks believe poker is deemed gambling.

Speaking from experience, poker in the long term is more skill then it is luck. Though, folks who don’t play will think of it as a gambling game since it’s played in casinos. The main difference is that in casinos, poker is the only game where you are playing against other folks and not the house. There is no clear-cut answer to whether or not poker should be a sport.

It should be. If folks believe the definition of sport shouldn’t involve the physical aspect then poker should be considered one. It is a game that necessitate lots of skill in order to be winning in the long run. This is shown by the professional poker players who earn a living doing so.

The world series of poker (WSOP) is a yearly poker tournament series which runs in Las Vegas. Plenty of attention was brought to poker because of this. Folks see people who win the tournament and it began the boom.

This directly goes against the case of how poker is more skill then luck. However, poker tournaments necessitate a ton of luck as they typically take place for days. There are various types of poker but tournament play is one that commands a huge amount of luck for one tournament but over the course of time, the skill factor rises way up.