Planning a Golf Trip

A lovely California golf course

There can’t be anything better for the golf lover than to take a golf trip somewhere else than your home course. A golf trip is a nice way to get out of the norm, see the world, make friends, and play golf courses that are more incredible than you ever thought possible. Of course, if you live within driving distance of some of the nicer golf courses, you may think a golf trip isn’t necessary, but you couldn’t be farthest from the truth.

When you are planning a golf trip, it’s best to take along a few friends for the best golfing vacation. Your wife (or husband) might not be happy about it, but we promise, you’ll have a good time when you have some friends along for the trip.

A great place to plan a US golf trip to is Alabama. Robert Trent Jones was a golf architect who constructed close to 500 golf courses and is known as one of the top golf course designers on earth. In Alabama, there is the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail which has 11 different golf courses throughout the state that provide some of the best golf in the nation.

When you travel to play golf on the RTJ golf trail, you will find stimulating and fun courses that will deliver hours of enjoyment. This man was a mastermind when it came to constructing golf courses, so be prepared to be dazzled and frustrated.

If you want to travel for your golfing adventure, you can’t go wrong by going to the home of golf – Scotland. St. Andrews Golf Club is one of the most amazing places you can travel to and offer two different courses you can play including “the first golf course where the game of golf began. If you are a golfing enthusiast, think about a golf trip. There is nothing like it.