Serena Rules!

Here are six reasons (weapons!) that make Serena Williams such an amazing player, the total package, and so hard to beat.

Quick Return

She can return serve from well in the baseline due to the fact she reads the serves of her opponents very well and has incredible timing. By returning the ball so swiftly, she offers her opponents no time to prepare.

Playing the Angles

Williams frequently trades in power for smart angles. She will hit a forehand with plenty of topspin that will pull her opponent to the side of the court. This opens the remaining court for her next shot.

Deep and High Defense

Williams outrivals at offense, but also understands how to play defense when she has to. She will throw up a lob so high that she has plenty of time to reorganize and get back in position.

Slice Serve

Her serve is hard to read because her mechanics and toss seem the same each time. Williams can take something off her serve intentionally and slices it away from her opponent for an ace.

Power Serve

Not many women hit first serves harder than Williams. She possesses the most constant hard serve in tennis. She can paint the lines with it at will.

Lefty Forehand

Her two-handed backhand, the best in the history of tennis, depends profoundly on her left arm. She’s so amazing at it that she hits left-handed forehands in practice to enhance her timing.

She’s so damn fabulous. But what is it, precisely, that makes her so good?

Sure, there has been speculation that it’s her serve, stamina, power, and the way she controls a point. There are numerous factors that makes her game so spectacular.

She makes all too many folks uneasy because she is atypical and brilliant.

When the usual order of things is messed up by an athlete as dominant as Serena, the apple starts to shake. Serena has battled through it all with coolness and composure. The fact is she shouldn’t have to.