The Importance of Your Child Knowing How to Swim

10 people die from unintentional drowning every day. Two of those deaths usually children who are not even 14-years old. The CDC reports that one of the main reasons for children to be at risk is that they just don’t know how to swim.

The most critical reason children should learn to swim is for their own safety. Swimming is a life-saving skill. It’s a skill your child will keep as long as they are alive. It’s a skill they will retain as they enter adulthood and their golden years. It’s the one sport that has the capability of being a real-life saver.

Football, tennis, and basketball are all great sports. However, if your child falls off a dock, a boat, or into a swimming pool, his or her ability to slam dunk isn’t going to keep him or her safe and save his or her life. Reports state that over 700 children needlessly die every year because they didn’t know how to swim.

Swimming is also a good form of physical activity which uses the whole body. It makes kids actually use their minds and bodies while they have fun in the pool. Many times, children are constantly jumping in and getting out of the pool which is great exercise and aids in boosting metabolism. If you have a community pool that has additions like diving boards, a lazy river, or water slides, they will be in the pool for hours.

Swimming is a heart-healthy activity and great for increasing lung capacity. The longer children are in the swimming pool, the more their heart is working and the healthier lung capacity they will have. This is particularly true for kids who swim laps. Many folks with asthma are very good swimmers. Swimming and building lung capacity enhances their resistance to asthma.