Why Many Athletes Are Becoming Vegans

From increased lung capacity to speedy recovery from injuries to improved stamina, specialists say that there are many reasons why athletes are turning to veganism.

What’s the one thing that unites these world class athletes such as tennis players Serena and Venus Williams, Novak Djokovic, cricketer Virat Kohli, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, and boxer David Haye,? They are all vegans.

Not long ago, most athletes swore by the idea that in order to get optimum fitness, you have to have dairy and meat. However, these leading athletes are changing the narrative.

Kohli, who recently became vegan, said that becoming vegan had made him stronger as it improved his digestive power. He also stated that veganism has made him calmer. American basketball player Jahlil Okafor said that switching to veganism aid him in dealing with an inflated knee.

Top vegan athletes from across the globe claim that being vegan has made them healthier Here’s what the specialists have to say:

Increases digestive capacity

When you are eating whole grains, tons of vegetables, and fruits, your stomach gets cleaned. You can get a solid workout. The fiber in the fruit enhances the power of the digestive system and reduces bloating, which is a burden while training. Since you’re not eating animal products, you don’t have to fret about your cholesterol level rising or your arteries getting clogged. Your internal system functions optimally and is clean. This give explosive strength to athletes, making them swift.

Enhances cardiovascular health

A plant-based diet is low in cholesterol and saturated fats, which is good for heart. This guarantees that an athlete can jump higher, train harder, and run longer with fast recovery times between workouts.

Heightens immunity

Usually, intense athletic activity can create a mildly suppressed immune function which may enhance the vulnerability of the athletes to infections. Vegan diet can help improve their immune system significantly.