Why the New England Patriots are So Good (Part II)

The New England Patriots have three super bowl rings.

Three Super Bowls

Every Patriot-hater out there have to feel lucky the Patriots haven’t changed their trio of Super Bowl rings into brass knuckles and made their haters eat their words.

The Patriots have three Super Bowl rings. In all honesty, they are on their way to another one.   

There are 14 teams who have never, ever won a Super Bowl, including four that have never even been to the final. The Pats just keep going like it’s their yearly vacation. There is not one contender in the present or league history that can match the successful reign of the New England Patriots.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are like Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant. They run the team like Phil and Kobe used to run L.A.

They are the most winning coach-QB duo, exceeding Dan Marino and Don Shula with 117 wins. Belichick comes up with the plans and Brady does them perfectly.

Brady and Belichick have a force field that flows throughout the team, making the team as competitive as they are. Coaches and players alike force their best just because of the intimidation the dynamic duo bring to the team.

18-0 Still Makes Perfect

In 2007, the New England Patriots went 18-0 before the Super Bowl. They may not have won the Super Bowl, but they had a perfect regular season none the less.

Though that record doesn’t mean anything without a ring to show for it, there is not a better example of a complete and superior team. The Pats has definitely secured its place in NFL history.

The Patriots are not seeking revenge against their opponents. They could care less about them. They want to keep their pride since a real Patriots fan understands that losing is not allowed.